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What is RPRNmag newsmagazine? RPRN stands for Real, Polished, Researched News.

RPRNmag is a California-based business newsmagazine powered by a full-service communications company. We publish original and unique newsworthy stories of interest to entrepreneurs in varied digital and text formats.

Our Motto is: “The newsmagazine with business solutions that matter to you”
And we intend to be true to it.

ahsuperheroA Word from our Publisher –  Anne Howard

It is an exciting time to be working in technology. Innovation is everywhere, and the world of publishing and public relations is not immune. In my time running a technology PR agency and a PR newswire over the past two decades, I’ve seen the industry change time and time again in response to the latest and greatest social, mobile, and cloud disruptions. We’ve come a long way from the press release, haven’t we? That is why I am thrilled to have launched RPRNmag a new, beautiful newsmagazine dedicated to sharing real, polished, researched, quality news that people will want to read: created by journalists and with the contribution of entrepreneurs such as yourself. We’ll look for your news in the magazine!

The Transforming Publishing World

The publishing world and public relations have undergone several transformations over the past century, and they are continuing to change more every year as newer technologies disrupt traditional models. In simpler times, businesses or organizations desiring to establish open communication with the media and the public would write up a press release, which could discuss a new service, promote a new event, or announce just about anything.

Today, however, social and mobile technologies have transformed the news landscape. In the same way, that individuals across the globe have been empowered by the ability to broadcast and communicate with their peers through services like Facebook and Snapchat, companies too have been gifted the opportunity to establish open lines of communication with their audience. Indeed, today’s consumer expects an open and transparent view into the organizations they choose to work with and purchase services. With all these changes, there’s one thing that has remained the same: coverage of your news by credible sources is invaluable to reinforcing the way your brand is perceived. Press releases, representative of the relationship between business and press, isn’t going away anytime soon.

We are looking for contributors!

A New Approach

When it comes down to it, there’s only one thing that matters in the publishing world: being newsworthy! That is why we are taking a different approach with RPRNmag and one that shouldn’t sound so farfetched. In short, we are looking for quality material. Legitimate news, instead of boring press releases and fluff.

On RPRNmag, you’ll find great editorial content published by writers who want to make a name for themselves and entrepreneurs with stories to share. Far from being text-only, like most newsmagazine, the site also features rich content, including infographics, videos from YouTube and Vimeo, podcasts, and more.

Contribute to RPRNmag news content

writerRPRNmag embraces new technology and recognizes that news tips and story ideas are no longer limited to the written words. The polished magazine aesthetic of RPRNmag lends itself perfectly to a beautiful photo, an eye-opening infographic, or a dynamic video–any of these may serve better than a press release in earning your organization positive exposure. Publish your story on RPRNmag and then share across Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

We welcome your comments, story ideas, and article submissions! Discover how to get published here.

 To discover what we have to offer:

Traditional newsmagazines where the readers just read are a thing of the past. That’s where we come in. RPRNmag newsmagazine offers so much more. That is, we’ll accept news stories in various formats and forms:

  • Video
  • Infographics
  • Articles
  • Podcasts (Coming Soon!)
  • Real, Polished, Researched News

We will publish all the above on our business newsmagazine. If you need help with your writing, we will author the stories for you.

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