Discover Fingerstyle Guitarist Camille Nelson’s Musical Expression of Peace


As we approach the first year anniversary of the Paris terrorist attacks, fingerstyle guitarist, Camille Nelson reflected on this world event that shook her to the core. She composed a soothing melody in memory of […]

Captain Marvel Set To Be Directed By A Woman: The Race is On

Captain Marvel

The latest rumors surrounding Marvel’s new film, Captain Marvel, are exciting, to say the least with a long list of talented female directors being thrown around.Having a female director in position for the female superhero […]

The Future of Athletic Wear is Here: Virgin America First Class Shoe Comes with WiFi

Virgin America First Class Shoe

Virgin America, a company who seems to be everywhere, has formed a partnership with brand agency Eleven Inc. to create a science fiction inspired, one-of-a-kind shoe called the Virgin America First Class Shoe. Appealing to the individual who must […]

The World’s First Edible Six-Pack Rings Coming to Your Supermarket Soon

fish eating edible six-pack ring

For as long as we can remember, traditional plastic holders and other forms of plastic instruments have been the drink industry’s standard. Over the years, plastic has become one of the most scrutinized items on […]