Facebook AR: Augmented Ecosystem in Facebook

360 Facebook photo

At this year’s Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference on Tuesday, April 18, Mark Zuckerberg introduced the world’s first mainstream augmented reality platform. The idea behind the platform is to allow people to view and manipulate the world around them using the camera on a smartphone.

Facebook Rapidly Expands Its Careers Services

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Job seekers around the world commonly head to sites such as LinkedIn, Monster.com, Indeed or Glassdoor to search available job listings, but Facebook is usually relegated to catching up with friends or playing games.But no […]

Forming Strong Relationships with Clients as a Virtual Worker

skyping with client

The growth in the virtual workforce is led primarily by the increasing use of digital technology. As more people leverage the ability to offer virtual services, the sheer number of virtual workers earning a healthy […]

A Look at Privacy and Google’s New App Allo

Google Allo App

Surprise, surprise, disabling end-to-end encryption is a bad idea, thinks Snowden. Oh the dreaded “P” word! Privacy has been one of the most talked about subjects since the launch of our new millennia. Yesterday we […]

A Look at Three Environmentally Conscious Watches. It’s About Time!

A forest

During a time where ecological issues are reaching a tipping point, entrepreneurs and big business are at the forefront of innovation. Consumer attitudes are shifting the direction corporations view their products and services. Also, this […]

Startup Nation on a Decline but Rising among African-Americans

minority-held startup

By all accounts, the U.S. economy has improved, and job creation under the Obama administration had risen. While we don’t know yet what the verdict will be under the Trump administration, we are keeping a […]

The ROBO Economy? What Is It? And How Can It Help Your Business?

well-off woman shopping

Remember when shopping was strictly brick and mortar? The new millennium introduced business concepts and market trends that were unheard of before widespread use of the internet. It started with E-commerce, went social with F-commerce […]

Startup Competitions Ready to Empower Women Entrepreneurs

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Women-led startups aren’t usually celebrated much; the startup world remains largely dominated by men and funds tend to go to men-led enterprises. Just seven percent of investor funding go to women. These women-led startups are equally […]