Find Out What the Google Performance Summit Had in Store for SMBs

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Google announced a list of innovations based on mobile searches to enhance its support for small business with major focus on localization.  The announcements were made at Google Performance Summit, held on 24th May 2016 in Mountain View. The revolutionary changes that have been brought about by mobile phone technology have impacted internet searches immensely. Of trillions of searches done every year via Google, a large number is generated from mobile devices. Almost 50 percent of all web traffic driven to websites originates from mobile devices. With its “mobile first initiatives and innovations,  Google has shown the way to better management for those using Adwords and Google analytics for their marketing initiatives.

The impetus

Since smartphones have become our companions from morning to night, the expanse of business opportunities for internet marketers have increased manifold. The attitude of customers seeking services and products emancipates from their urge to know something, to do something and even to go places. By understanding the user intent behind each search and by being prepared to deliver to customers’ satisfaction is the only way small businesses can shine in today’s tough competition. The staggering number of mobile searches and sales has given Google the impetus to make the changes. And it has worked out in favor of small businesses around the world!

Accurate locations are easy to find

Locations were part of ads on Google but the new innovations will enhance its accuracy that would make it easier for identification.

  • Location extensions can now be made more expansive and richer when they are shown on the map.
  • From the time an ad is clicked, advertisers can track store conversions more efficiently. This can be done with the aid of beacon signals.
  • Pins that are promoted will be displayed to users as they are navigating.

These updates will help companies to reach out effectively to customers who are looking around for localized services or products. Small businesses can now bank on this feature to target consumers based on their needs and exact locations.

Strengthening Adwords campaign

The emphasis on stronger advertising campaigns is evident from the updates that were revealed at the summit.

  • More words can be spent in advertising as the description can go up to 80 characters and the headlines can now be spread over two lines of 30 characters each.
  • Display ads will now be created by Google based on the advertisement material supplied by the advertiser as single format responsive ads that will be suitable for viewing on all kinds of devices.
  • Keyword bidding will be based on the specific device that concerns the advertiser instead of considering the desktop computer as default.
  • Demographics will now play a key role in Adwords to extend the reach of customers and adjust the bids appropriately for text ads.

The updates will offer local businesses with more opportunities of converting very close searches into sales.

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