Microloans Gaining in Speed and Efficiency with Text Message Loans

Fast Text Message Loans are Becoming Increasingly Popular


Sweden has been hit with a brand new trend, and it’s taken Sweden this summer by complete surprise! Sweden is currently suffering from an effect called ”QuickLoans,” or referred to more locally as ”SMS loans.” The only thing you have to do is fire off a quick text message, wait a few minutes, and you are suddenly a slightly richer person. At least for some time. The SMS loans are taking Swedes by complete surprise now during a tightening economy, and people need more money in their pockets. The average amount of SMS loans being requested has increased exponentially and usually, the first application for a loan is made online, but if you appear as a serious customer, subsequent loans are allowed to be made via SMS, so any subsequent loans are just a text message away seeing as the lender already has all the information they need to grant the loan. Thanks to a brand new app becoming increasingly popular as well, ”Swish,” it is now possible to receive loans via Swish on your smartphone any day of the week and pay it back any day of the week. No muss no fuss! Sweden is undergoing an incredible lending spree, and it does not seem to be stopping.


Payback period

The time to pay back the SMS loans can differ depending on the lending institute. Normally, the loan is granted for one or three months, but it can also be paid back later. The lender has the final say regarding the terms. However, fees that may be included as well as the individual interest rate may vary and the longer the payback period, the bigger the fees. Today, the SMS loans have also received different names in different countries such as payday loans, online loans, and short-term loans, but the differences are in fact pretty small.


Find your SMS loan through HittaSMSLån

It might be hard to know exactly the cost of each loan since the institutes are setting the interest rate based on every individual’s financial situation. Therefore, there are smart websites offering a comparison of several lending institutes and their offers. Hitta SMS Lån is one of them. They allow you to pick and choose between many different banks and lending institutes to get an idea about the best options available.


Get your SMS loan without UC

Does the phrase “loan without UC” confuse you? UC is simply the leading credit reference agency that offers reports to banks and institutes, companies and more. UC is holding any valuable financial information and credit history about each and Swedish citizen over 18. When the report has been made through UC, this will be visible to every bank, and this is no major advantage since it might affect your request for a loan or credit. However, a loan without UC simply means the credit report has been made through another credit reference agency, and your credit rating cannot be viewed in any other bank or credit facility. As you can understand this increases your chances to get a loan.


Something to keep in mind

No matter the loan, make sure you are always able to repay fully and on time. Otherwise, fees may increase, and you may end up at the Swedish Enforcement Agency, which remains in the register for several years. This often results in difficulties obtaining a mobile contract, renting an apartment or even applying for a new loan in the future. So make sure you check your possibilities to repay before you click on the “apply now” button. Be that as it may, SMS loans can be a superior option as long as you know what is expected of you.