5 Compelling Employee Motivation Tips As a Successful New Year Resolution

Ask any entrepreneur what is their most important asset? Employees would be the abrupt answer. A talented and motivated team is the profound resource to maximize revenue and increase productivity. Without a motivated workforce, a […]

Don’t Mess Up Your First Impression: Formula for Making Your Mark in Business

Guest post by John Asher We’ve become so accustomed to interacting via electronic means that the importance of human connection seems like an afterthought.  Not really necessary.  Old school.  Dead as digital tape.   Nothing […]

Newborn Foundation Joins Partner Organizations to Launch Every Breath Counts Coalition to End Preventable Child Pneumonia Deaths By 2030

The Newborn Foundation has announced that it is among 30 partner organizations that officially launched the Every Breath Counts Coalition at UNICEF headquarters on November 3rd in New York City. The Every Breath Counts coalition […]

California Ranks Second in ‘New Economy’ Fundamentals

Globalization, technological innovation, and entrepreneurial dynamism in recent decades have fundamentally transformed the U.S. economy, but California is far better positioned than most other states to reap the benefits of this so-called “New Economy.” In […]

Golden Age of SaaS: Entrepreneurs Embrace CloudTechnology

The Golden Age of Saas is here.  Gartner research predicted  that the worldwide market for public cloud services to be worth $204bn in 2016 — a year-on-year growth rate of 16.5 percent. ‘Cloud application services’ (SaaS) are forecast to comprise 18.5 percent of this (£37.7bn), representing 20.3 percent year-on-year growth.

Seven Reasons AdQuick is long on outdoor

Don’t be a joke. Take your business seriously and advertise where it matters. Outdoor advertising is antifragile — the disorder in other ad channels benefits outdoor advertising. As other channels are created (online ads) and destroyed (TV) […]

Micro-Investing – Start Investing with Less Than $5

If you knew you could begin building a profitable investment portfolio with just your spare charge, would you do it? Micro-investing apps provide a simple way for anyone to start investing with just a few […]

What Does it mean to invest like a women?

The concept of investing like a woman sound almost insulting at first, as though women are somehow incapable of investing the traditional way. Yet a new investment platform designed to tailor investments to the differences […]