Simple Green Packaging Changes You Can Make To Increase Profits And Please Customers

green packaging

The world is abuzz with phrases like rising sea levels, renewable resources, and environmental footprint, and even the most pro-industrialization skeptics have been forced to acknowledge that something needs to be done about the increasingly […]

How To Balance Sleep and Career: From Sex to Houseplants

sleeping in the shadow

The quality of your sleep directly affects how good you are at doing your job or running our business. It may sound like common and obvious knowledge, but in the world of cutthroat business, it’s […]

WEF Study Reports Going Green is good for business

green bikes

The World Economic Forum study reported that for 30 countries across the globe, 2016 was the year that solar and wind power became cheaper than any power produced by fossil fuels. According to the research […]

A Look at Three Environmentally Conscious Watches. It’s About Time!

A forest

During a time where ecological issues are reaching a tipping point, entrepreneurs and big business are at the forefront of innovation. Consumer attitudes are shifting the direction corporations view their products and services. Also, this […]

The World’s First Edible Six-Pack Rings Coming to Your Supermarket Soon

fish eating edible six-pack ring

For as long as we can remember, traditional plastic holders and other forms of plastic instruments have been the drink industry’s standard. Over the years, plastic has become one of the most scrutinized items on […]

Featured National Park Series: From Yosemite to Tuzi

Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park

Tuzigoot. Great Egg Harbor. Yosemite. Who came up with these names? What do they mean? Sometimes they come from one person, sometimes a whole culture—but the stories behind these memorable monikers reveal interesting details about […]

The Big Freeze: America Due Extreme Snowstorms

he GridLocate Family Locator for Android phones, and the GPS Tracker app

The ‘Big Freeze’ is due to hit the US towards the end of January. Impending snowstorms are predicted to be life-threatening, with winter weather emergencies announced New York City’s mayor and other authorities across many […]