What Does it mean to invest like a women?

The concept of investing like a woman sound almost insulting at first, as though women are somehow incapable of investing the traditional way. Yet a new investment platform designed to tailor investments to the differences […]

Study Reveals Spying Risk Factors Associated with Smart Homes

A new study released by Noah Apthorpe*, Dillon Reisman, Srikanth Sundaresan, Arvind Narayanan, and Nick Feamster, researchers at Princeton University reveals that many smart home devices when left on all the time can provide IPS with the usage […]

How To Balance Sleep and Career: From Sex to Houseplants

The quality of your sleep directly affects how good you are at doing your job or running our business. It may sound like common and obvious knowledge, but in the world of cutthroat business, it’s […]

Forming Strong Relationships with Clients as a Virtual Worker

The growth in the virtual workforce is led primarily by the increasing use of digital technology. As more people leverage the ability to offer virtual services, the sheer number of virtual workers earning a healthy […]

Organizing Your Home Office for Maximum Productivity

RPRNmag newmagazine is entirely staffed by nomadic workers, operating from the East to the West coast and based on two continents. Must of us have chosen to work from home and with this decision comes […]

Apps, Goodies, and Attire Event Packing List

Business Conference Packing List It’s easier for an entrepreneur to pack for a vacation but packing for a business conference is a whole different matter altogether.  Planning is key as preparedness for various scenario is […]