Apps, Goodies, and Attire Event Packing List

cat in a suitcase

Business Conference Packing ListIt’s easier for an entrepreneur to pack for a vacation but packing for a business conference is a whole different matter altogether.  Planning is key as preparedness for various scenario is important. […]

2017 Trends: Best Wearable Tech for New Parents

mom - baby - windmill

No longer is wearable tech only for fitness enthusiasts but has now entered the field of parenting. Find out which gadgets and devices are promising to make parenting easier. Baby ShusherWhether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur […]

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs Below $50


We recently wrote an article covering some of the top tech ideas for entrepreneurs during the holiday season. But after the dust settled, we felt that more could be suggested. Because we know how important […]

The Top 5 Tech Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2016

It’s that time of the year again and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of sales on the latest tech products. Technology continues to become more personalized, convenient and versatile for the everyday business. Below we’ve listed some […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Aaron Cruz Brings Relief to Travelers With My Lofty Pillow

travelers at airport

Traveling is great and all but there’s nothing more annoying than waking up after a long flight to a stiff neck. It seems that air carriers and auto manufacturers are slow to redesigning headrests that are […]

MIT & Pediatrician Harvey Karp Sleep Soundly

baby sleeping in SNOO smart crib

If there’s one sector that will always be in demand, it’s most certainly the baby industry. These days, entrepreneurs and startups are coming up with innovative baby products. Even the big players are attempting to provide a higher […]

The Future of Athletic Wear is Here: Virgin America First Class Shoe Comes with WiFi

Virgin America First Class Shoe

Virgin America, a company who seems to be everywhere, has formed a partnership with brand agency Eleven Inc. to create a science fiction inspired, one-of-a-kind shoe called the Virgin America First Class Shoe. Appealing to the individual who must […]