Newborn Foundation Joins Partner Organizations to Launch Every Breath Counts Coalition to End Preventable Child Pneumonia Deaths By 2030

pulse oximetry newborn foundation

The Newborn Foundation has announced that it is among 30 partner organizations that officially launched the Every Breath Counts Coalition at UNICEF headquarters on November 3rd in New York City. The Every Breath Counts coalition […]

Assistance for Small Business to Survive Disaster

The aftermath of massive natural disasters, such as the damage seen in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, can break many small businesses. Massive flooding and extensive damage and destruction to properties can result […]

Cruzio to Provide Fiber Optic Network to Downtown Santa Cruz


Cruzio, the oldest and largest Internet service provider in Santa Cruz County, California, to start construction this week on its fiber optic network to improve internet service to downtown Santa Cruz business, under the banner of the  Santa Cruz […]

Microsoft Brings Education to the Surface with New Laptop and OS

Surface Laptop designed to serve the education sector and regain its visibility in academia

Microsoft unveiled on Tuesday its newest Surface Laptop designed to serve the education sector and regain its visibility in academia. Their previous Chromebook models struggled for relevance only accounting for 1-2% of the market during […]

Study Reports that Minorities and Women Moving Away from Tech Jobs

painting black paint roller

Unfairness-based turnover in the tech industry is a $16 billion a year concern. A recent U.S. study found that sexism, racism, toxic work environments, and bullying are driving talented people out of the tech industry […]

A Look at Privacy and Google’s New App Allo

Google Allo App

Surprise, surprise, disabling end-to-end encryption is a bad idea, thinks Snowden. Oh the dreaded “P” word! Privacy has been one of the most talked about subjects since the launch of our new millennia. Yesterday we […]