Cruzio to Provide Fiber Optic Network to Downtown Santa Cruz


Cruzio, the oldest and largest Internet service provider in Santa Cruz County, California, to start construction this week on its fiber optic network to improve internet service to downtown Santa Cruz business, under the banner of the  Santa Cruz […]

NYC-Based tech company paving the way to a new generation of talented coders

A new initiative between a technology company and a nonprofit organization is sparking interest in coding and programming at a younger age, paving the way for entry-level technology employees with more experience.By partnering with the […]

Product Review: Entrepreneurship 101 Community Building Top Tools for Early Adopter Growth


You’ve hung out your shingle and now officially label yourself as an entrepreneur. You’ve created a landing page, set up a Twitter account, and launched your Facebook business page. Now what? How do you go […]

Research reports that 85% of the US internet audience  Watches Video

couple watches video on a smartphone

Time To embrace video marketingIf you do only one thing to improve your customer acquisition opportunities this year, video outreach might be your best bet. Mobile-enabled consumers prefer video to text. If you’re not offering […]

Podcasting: Edison Research Shows Significant Popularity Increase

woman wearing headphones and listening

Recent research by the Edison Research Group shows that the popularity of Podcasting is growing steadily, and may offer significant exposure and public relations opportunities for companies. Until a few years ago, the perception used […]

Ramsomware Attacks: How To Protect Your Business


Two weeks ago over 100 countries and thousands of computers were victimized by WannaCry, an aptly named ransomware, and a cruel reminder how important it is to protect computers, file servers, and other technology equipment.Ransomware is a malicious software that first […]

Watch & Learn from These Top 5 Startups Under 30

woman sitting with her laptop on her knee against a red brick wall

Whether they’re changing the way we invest, making cooking or healthy eating easier and more accessible, or proving that tech startups no longer need to be anywhere near Silicon Valley to succeed, entrepreneurs under 30 […]

Make Your Business Connections Work For You

It is important to organize your business contacts’ information efficiently. However, not many individuals have a consistent system of doing so. Studies reveal that many entrepreneurs these days experience difficulties in organizing their business contacts […]