Yostand Gives Apple Users the Plug

Yostand iStand7

The Chinese tech startup, YoStand, introduced the iStand7 via the launch of an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign on December 6, 2016, and at that time of publishing, the crowdfunding had reached 83% of its $6,000 fixed goal.

The Istand7is a portable dock with an MFi charger, additional battery space, optional 3.5 mm headphone jack and wireless charger along with the option of placing your iPhone upright or sideways. The startup CEO George Jiang recognized the need of offering a solution for iPhone’s decision to ditch the headphone jack. iPhone users were upset with Apple’s choice of removing this option from its design and Jiang has responded by developing the iStand7. Moreover, it provides an effective product to fulfill the basic wants of users such as simultaneously mounting and holding a phone while it charges. The stand is also slimmer, cheaper and more robust than existing solutions offered by Apple.iStand7The iStand7’s slim and sleek design is the thinnest on the market at a trimmed 12.99mm. That’s over 2mm less than the available smart battery case by Apple. Moreover, the stand comes all in one piece, so you keep it together without having to worry about separate parts. Offering an optional headphone jack was the right choice and allows people to decide on what type of ear/headphones work best for them. A big plus with this stand is that users are also able to charge their iPhone and listen to music at the same time. Not having this option available for Apple users gives iStand7 a huge advantage over the competition.

This stand is guaranteed to keep your phone healthy and prevent premature dying due to battery loss. It includes an additional powerhouse of over 3000mAh in power and if that seems like a lot; that’s because it is. That extra strength equates to three times the duration of battery life. It has a basic lightning port and offers optional features such as a wireless charger along with Qi compatibility. Don’t let its size fool you, though, the durable impact resistant material is designed to defend against external and even internal damage. They have a raised bezel with a shock absorber that activates on contact. Additionally, one can’t help but enjoy the horizontal/vertical phone placement abilities for perfect viewing and positioning.

Autonomous Standing Desk
iStand7 is budget-friendly with the basic version priced at $39 for early contributors. The iStand7 Audio comes with an additional 3.5mm headphone socket for $54, and the iStand7 Pro has the added MFi wireless charger for $79. Their fixed goal they need to raise on IndieGoGo is $6,000 and plan to start shipping products the beginning of 2017. With their product offering an exclusive and efficient means to iPhone’s lack of a headphone jack, Jiang is confident he made the right move with this feature. Jiang had a clear motivation and said to RPRNmag during a phone interview, “When we first heard that Apple was releasing the iPhone 7 without a headphone socket we knew we had to do something. Apple are great innovators, and in the future who knows, maybe all devices will become like this, but the truth is I love my headphones, and I know I am not alone.”

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