Discover Fingerstyle Guitarist Camille Nelson’s Musical Expression of Peace


As we approach the first year anniversary of the Paris terrorist attacks, fingerstyle guitarist, Camille Nelson reflected on this world event that shook her to the core. She composed a soothing melody in memory of the Paris victims symbolizing a much-needed urge for world peace. In her official music video titled the “Paris Lullaby,” viewers caught glimpses of historical candle lightings and Nelson’s guitar solos. Subtitles on the screen read, “Dedicated to Paris and all those affected by acts of terrorism throughout the world.” Sitting on the top of a staircase illuminated by surrounding candles, Nelson’s pleasant tune struck a chord literally and figuratively. It was at this moment that people were reminded to be grateful for what they have and show compassion towards one race: the human race. The video closes with an image of the Eifel Tower designed to resemble the traditional peace symbol.camille-056optIt’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to be involved with a form of artistic and creative expression. However, there are not too many individuals that use their imagination to tackle social and commercial issues. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Nelson comes from a long line of dedicated vocalists and musicians. Her music style has deemed her a “Jane of all trades,” picking up her sound from groups such as U2 and artists like Alanis Morissette. Her classical string arrangements, using her entire hand to pick individual guitar strings, were inspired by fingerstyle artists such as Kaki King and Andy Mckee. Nelson is indeed an old soul with a contemporary sound that blends acoustic folk music with the popular rock-n-roll of today.MAGIX Software ACID Pro + Music Maker PremiumIn 2009, Nelson joined forces with Giles Reaves for her first album titled, “First Worlds” under the indie-label Dimmi Records. She is presently finishing a new EP set to be released at the beginning of 2017. This upcoming album will further capitalize on her fingerstyle while incorporating instruments such as the violin and piano. Aside from her musical family members, Nelson gives a lot of credit to her diverse cultural experiences. Having traveled over 60 countries and becoming trilingual in languages such as German and Italian, Nelson has a deep respect for expression of all ethnic backgrounds. Spending years in regions of Germany, Switzerland, South Africa and Italy, Nelson returned to America to eventually attain her Ph.D. at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. She now utilizes her insight to instruct graduate students on the subjects of management, communication, and leadership. Still, Nelson is actively improving her musical talents while gaining exposure from listeners across the globe.
Make sure to check out her official web page and stay tuned for her upcoming EP in 2017! You can also follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud. Camille’s hashtag: #spreadyourPeace

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