Toaa Dallo Teaches Santa Cruz How to Paint. Beginners Welcomed!

New Art Classes at Palace Art in Capitola, California

Art is Fun! Beginners and experienced painters are all invited to participate.

Our classroom is a great place to make art. You’ll get lots of individual instruction, and you’ll have a great time. So come to one of our classes and indulge your creativity. Bring a friend!

Everyone is Welcome

No prior painting experience is necessary. These workshops are designed for beginners, and for people who love to make art and want to learn more about it. You’ll love it! It’s just $65, including materials, canvas, and paints.


Weekday Art Classes

Art is fun! Learn how to paint and have a great time, too. You can choose any subject you like — whatever inspires you. It’s just $30 per class or $125 for a series of five classes.

Schedule of Classes

Mondays, 2-5

Tuesdays, 10-1 and 2-5

Wednesdays, 5-8

Fridays, 5-8


Toaa Dallo

(831) 332-9532