Facebook AR: Augmented Ecosystem in Facebook

360 Facebook photo

At this year’s Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference on Tuesday, April 18, Mark Zuckerberg introduced the world’s first mainstream augmented reality platform. The idea behind the platform is to allow people to view and manipulate the world around them using the camera on a smartphone.

Facebook Rapidly Expands Its Careers Services

woman typing on her laptop on a facebook page

Job seekers around the world commonly head to sites such as LinkedIn, Monster.com, Indeed or Glassdoor to search available job listings, but Facebook is usually relegated to catching up with friends or playing games.But no […]

To Sell or Not To Sell. The Startup Million Dollars Questions


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After Twitter had announced on October 28 that it would be discontinuing the video looping app Vine, which it acquired in 2011, Vine co-founder Russ Yusupov expressed on Twitter his regret in selling the startup. […]