Podcasting: Edison Research Shows Significant Popularity Increase

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Recent research by the Edison Research Group shows that the popularity of Podcasting is growing steadily, and may offer significant exposure and public relations opportunities for companies. Until a few years ago, the perception used […]

Want to Know Four Reasons Startups Need PR to Attract Funding? We Asked a Pro

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“Put your best foot forward. Startup companies looking for venture capital dollars should pay heed to this adage in today’s turbulent economy,” said Anne Howard, a PR practitioner who specializes in marketing crowdfunding campaign. Now […]

How to Prepare for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

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Expert recommends following steps to take before your crowdfunding campaign goes live. Crowdfunding has revolutionized the art of investing and raising financial support for emerging startups. Thanks to the help of platforms such as Kickstarter and […]