Study Reports that Minorities and Women Moving Away from Tech Jobs

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Unfairness-based turnover in the tech industry is a $16 billion a year concern. A recent U.S. study found that sexism, racism, toxic work environments, and bullying are driving talented people out of the tech industry […]

Want to Know Four Reasons Startups Need PR to Attract Funding? We Asked a Pro

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“Put your best foot forward. Startup companies looking for venture capital dollars should pay heed to this adage in today’s turbulent economy,” said Anne Howard, a PR practitioner who specializes in marketing crowdfunding campaign. Now […]

MIT & Pediatrician Harvey Karp Sleep Soundly

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If there’s one sector that will always be in demand, it’s most certainly the baby industry. These days, entrepreneurs and startups are coming up with innovative baby products. Even the big players are attempting to provide a higher […]

Use Beacon Technology to Grow your Retail Business


The latest Beacon technology, inspired by Apple’s development of iBeacon, is starting to build some serious momentum in the industry. Sure it sparked interest since its introduction in 2013, but recently it seems that everyone has been ‘taking […]

Vanguard Technology for the Tech Savvy World Travelers

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Advancement in technology has changed the world and even the way we travel. From booking tickets and finding accommodations to knowing your way around a new city, modern gadgets make it all much easier! It […]

Mercedes Benz and Matternet Pave the Way for error-proof delivery

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Mercedez Benz has formed an alliance with Matternet and aims to eliminate the error prone human element in last mile delivery logistics, to increase efficiency between the people responsible for moving the goods between a […]