CrackBerry still cracking: Five Best Blackberry Business Apps


Even though, the Blackberry has lost a great deal of its appeal as the business smartphone to go to, to be eclipsed by the iPhone and Android phones ,many business people still trust it is still use it.

And for those of you, who are still cracking on the Blackberry, we have compelled a list of business apps to review.

Salesforce Mobile Lite

If you are a user of the CRM database, you are able to download and use this app on your BlackBerry smartphone free of charge. The application is easy to use, and allows you to access key information and features from your smartphone whilst on the go. Leads, contacts, accounts, cases, solutions and opportunities can all be viewed from within the app, as well as the option to edit tasks and events in Salesforce.

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry’s very own instant messaging service is designed specifically with business professionals in mind, and is now available on both iOS and Android operating systems as well, giving you more connectivity to your business network. It is designed to support group chat and will provide you with the availability status of your colleagues and connections, whilst featuring the familiar look and feel of a desktop instant messaging program or application.


Costing approximately $23/£14.95, VNC+ is a worthwhile investment as this app allows you to remotely control your desktop computer or laptop right from your BlackBerry smartphone. It’s an extremely useful application and comes in handy for moments when you may need to check the status of an upload or download, access a PC program, shut down an application or check data stored on your laptop or PC when you’re away from the office.


If you find that your BlackBerry smartphone is being constantly hounded with unwanted phone calls and text messages, this app is just what you need. The AlertMatrix provides you with the ability to prioritise your contacts based on their telephone numbers or email addresses, meaning that you’ll only receive a notification when you get an important message or call from a family member, client or supplier. Additionally, the app will also allow you to select different ringtones and message alerts for different callers so that you will know who is contacting you without needing to check your phone.


If you find yourself constantly forgetting to return important calls or respond to text messages, Laterdude is a great free app which will be of use to you. The app enables you to select an entry and set a reminder to call or text them back at a time which is more suitable to you, ensuring that you never forget to make an important call back again.

If your BlackBerry phone is locked to a network that you don’t use, you can easily unlock BlackBerry Curve and other models to start using these apps straight away.

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