Mobalytics Wins SF Disrupt 2016. UnifyID the Runner-up


If you’re like us, than you probably attended or at least been keeping tabs on Tech Crunch SF Disrupt. Each year, Tech Crunch hosts an annual conference called Startup Battlefield where technology startups show off their products and services in hopes of winning a $50,000 grand prize. In addition, entrepreneurs are also able to rub shoulders with potential investors, network with fellow startups and attract some media attention. From September 12-14th, thousands of people gathered along the Bay in San Francisco’s Pier 48 to get a glimpse of the next best thing. It began with 25 startups and after a process of elimination wound up with 6 finalists. Still there could only be one winner and we are particularly proud of Mobalytics for bringing home the bacon!

Mobalytics focuses on visual analytics for players of competitive gaming and e-sports platforms. With Mob’s technology, dedicated players are able to monitor their statistics on a much deeper level, down to behavioral patterns so they can critique and perfect their playability. Developers augmented their analytics engine to demonstrate how it worked with the popular gaming title: League of Legends. With their state of the art Gamer Performance Index (GPI), players are able to see their skill metrics in the categories of fighting, teamwork, adaptability and more. With these enhanced details, gamers are able to recognize their strengths and weaknesses along with other players in the system. In a nutshell, Mobalytics produces optimized analytics that traditional gaming records are not able to display. It may sound childish to some but the e-sports market is a thriving industry predicted to cap nearly $500 million in revenue this year alone. So far, over 12,000 people have signed up for the beta version and now with the win under their belt; the future for Mobalytics looks promising.

The champion’s runner-up coming in close for second was UnifyID that aims to eliminate the need for passwords all together. When you really think about it, the concept of a password has become an obsolete security measure. Even with fingerprint authentications, there is still too much at risk which is why their developers wanted to create much more personalized methods to validate a user’s identity. UnifyID creates a unique profile that considers the devices a user accesses, the locations where devices are used and how exactly they are being utilized. Their blog wrote, “In essence, there is only one you in the world, and it was possible to authenticate you based on the sensors already around you.”
Mobalytics wins SF disrupts

Check out the top finalists:

BlazingDB– Allows users to run SQL queries on a databank utilizing GPUS to manage complex processes.

Carbon Health– Gives users access to their health information and enables constant contact with health specialists. Doctors are also able to use it for appointments, payment processing and patient documentation.

Everlywell– Assists users in discovering mail-order blood tests and evaluates the reliability of health providers. They are planning to offer in-home STD tests, male fertility examinations and breast milk nutrition analyses.

Sqreen– Helps users in assuring their web-based apps are secure and in tip top condition. This is done through continually analyzing their apps and producing a dashboard for easy supervision.

Now that SF Disrupt is out of the way, Crunch Disrupt is setting its sights on London for another startup event: London Disrupt . Applications are available now for those that are interested so stay tuned for this year’s European lineup. Lastly, let us know what you thought of SF’s winners!

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