Entrepreneur Spotlight: Aaron Cruz Brings Relief to Travelers With My Lofty Pillow

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woman using My Lofty PillowTraveling is great and all but there’s nothing more annoying than waking up after a long flight to a stiff neck. It seems that air carriers and auto manufacturers are slow to redesigning headrests that are more comfortable. I’ve seen travelers bring pillows, but they have to constantly adjust its position to avoid discomfort. It’s a hassle, but the good news is that those days are over thanks to the innovative ‘My Lofty Pillow.’  This is a one of a kind pillow that can inflate to a perfect position supporting the head, neck, and chin. It was created by people that frequently travel, so its features are specifically designed to provide exceptional comfort for the passenger. RPRNMag interviewed the CEO, Aaron Cruz, to better understand his inspiration for creating My Lofty Pillow.

Once Cruz started to work as an inspector and site supervisor for a solar energy company, he began to travel frequently for weeks on end. Between his personal getaways and business trips, he had visited 42 states in the U.S. and 46 countries. Cruz told RPRNmag, “Throughout all these trips; I bought travel pillows. A lot of travel pillows. One day while packing for a journey to Argentina, I laid out all the travel pillows I’d purchased throughout the years to pick the most comfortable one for my trip – and realized that none of them were good enough!” Everything from discomfort, excessive sweating and bulkiness were common problems he had experienced with previous travel pillows.

My Lofty Pillow“I knew I could do better, so I set out to make my own travel pillow – one that is compact, comfortable, and affordable – and up to my very high standards.”

The primary benefits that make My LoftyPillow unique and effective fall under three categories:

  1. Comfort- your head, neck, and adjustable chin size, preventing your head to roll sideways and forward, certified free PVC plastic, cotton, and polyester
  2. Practical- easy to carry, use minimum space on your carry-on luggage, self-fold, washable, hygienic; no skin contact with seat material, large travel storage, fits in your hand
  3. Inexpensive- costs less than other travel pillows and offers more benefits for the traveler

Cruz launched the company, My LoftyPillow LLC, on October 1, 2016, and is the sole founding member. So far, they have sold over 200 pillows and are working out potential vendors for wholesale distribution. Cruz told RPRNmag that one of the biggest challenges he is currently facing is marketing the product, “I’m investing money…on skilled people to guide [me on] the best possible way to [market] My Lofty Pillow.” The second challenge is finding the right investor. Cruz wants to make certain that the chosen stakeholder(s) understand the market and have the best interest of the product in mind. Despite being in the early stages, Cruz has successfully built a solid foundation securing the intellectual property (IP), structuring his business model, purchasing and creating his website and manufacturing 5000 pillows that he says are “ready to go.” His expansion plan for the product is to supply retailers, travel agencies, airports, hospitals, along with local, state and federal governments.

Cruz considers himself a serial entrepreneur that previously launched an electrical company and solar PV electrical consulting firm. He told RPRNmag that it is “these skills and experiences that have motivated him to provide long-lasting solutions for travelers just like him.” In addition, Cruz loves the process of launching new business ventures, “From visualizing an idea to the physical [product] and seeing the positive response to navigating a complex but fascinating subject like marketing and [I love] to meet like-minded people.”

Residing in Alameda, CA, in proximity to Silicon Valley, Cruz is in the heart of innovation and offered sound advice for entrepreneurs looking to launch a business venture.

“Your product or service has to solve a problem, have a recognized market and affordable to create and get off the ground. [Also] Constantly improve your business structure to more efficiently achieve company objectives.”

You can purchase your own My Lofty Pillow for only $24.95+shipping and handling. As of now, there only shipping in the U.S. Make sure to connect with My Lofty Pillow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube!

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